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Precautions for turning aluminum parts

Precautions for turning aluminum parts


Turning processing is to use the rotary motion of the workpiece and the linear or curved motion of the tool to change the shape and size of the blank on a lathe, and process it to meet the requirements of the drawing.
1. Chip damage and protective measures. The toughness of various steel parts processed on the lathe is better, the chips produced during turning are full of plastic curl, and the edges are relatively sharp. During high-speed cutting of steel parts, red hot and long chips are formed, which are very easy to hurt people. At the same time, they are often wound on the workpiece, turning tools and tool holders. Therefore, iron hooks should be used to clean up or break them in time during work. It should be stopped to remove it when it is time, but it is never allowed to remove or pull it off by hand.
In order to prevent chip damage, chip breaking, chip flow control measures and various protective baffles are often taken. The chip breaking measure is to grind chip breakers or steps on the turning tool; use a suitable chip breaker and mechanically clamp the tool.

2, the clamping of the workpiece. In the process of turning, there are many accidents that damage the machine tool, break or break the tool, and cause the workpiece to fall or fly out due to improper clamping of the workpiece.

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Therefore, in order to ensure the safe production of turning processing, special care must be taken when loading the workpiece. For parts of different sizes and shapes, you must choose appropriate fixtures, regardless of whether the three-jaw, four-jaw chuck or the connection between the special fixture and the spindle must be stable and reliable. The workpiece must be clamped and clamped. The sleeve can be used to clamp the large work piece to ensure that the work piece does not shift, fall off, or throw out when the workpiece is rotated at high speed and cut. If necessary, use the center frame, center frame, etc. to enhance the clamping. Remove the handle immediately after the card is tightened. As an important advanced manufacturing technology, high-speed Machining technology has been widely used and continues to develop rapidly. Compared with traditional cutting processing technology, it has more outstanding performance in many aspects. Relying on precision high-speed processing machine tools or processing The center uses excellent programming software and qualified programmers to select corresponding special cutting tools to achieve a high material removal rate per unit time under the conditions of high-speed operation of the machine tool spindle, high tool cutting speed and extremely high workpiece processing speed . High-speed milling of aluminum alloy is one of the important application areas of high-speed cutting technology. The optimization of cutting parameters and the selection of cutting conditions are important research directions related to surface roughness and processing efficiency, and it is also one of the goals of studying high-speed cutting mechanism and technology. In this paper, the parameters of high-speed milling of aluminum alloy materials are optimized by the experimental optimization method, and the test data is analyzed and researched by the method of range analysis, and very important experimental conclusions are drawn. Provided for the high-speed machining of aluminum alloy Important reference.
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